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Dr Gerald Turnbull

When Dr Gerald Turnbull moved to Leigh to be closer to his grown-up children the last thing on his mind was opening a new chiropractic practice in Warkworth.

He has taught and practiced for more than a decade in the UK and more recently has done locum work in various part of New Zealand.

Mahurangi seemed like a good place to retire, but Dr Turnbull found he could not resist turning to chiropractic once more.  

“I’m practising again because I enjoy doing it, and also because I can provide a useful service to people as well,” he says.

Dr Turnbull says people who come to him often have conditions which are readily associated with problems with the spine, such as back problems, neck problems and headaches.    

But, he says chiropractic can also successfully treat many other seemingly unrelated conditions, because of the spine’s proximity to the central nervous system.

Manipulating joints around the spine can have a tonic effect on the entire body, and he says it’s worth exploring chiropractic treatment as a possible solution to seemingly intractable medical problems.

Dr Turnbull says after years of experience, he can usually determine fairly quickly what conditions will respond to chiropractic treatment and those that will not.

He says there are different styles of chiropractic. His tends to be more of the “old school”, which addresses a specific problem, such as pain or limitation of movement.

Other forms of chiropractic deal with more abstract concepts such as “wellness” where it’s more difficult to evaluate success and treatment can continue endlessly.

He says there are therapies out there which never seem to quite find the problem, seldom sort it out and never want to leave it alone.

“I like to deal with things directly and in short order if possible,” he says.

“Find it. Fix it. Leave it alone. It’s a good practice motto in health care as in many things in life.”

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