Warkworth Structure Plan process underway

The consultation phase is the first in the Warkworth Structure Plan process, outlining Auckland Council’s background research.

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The Warkworth Structure Plan process is underway and Auckland Council is calling for public submissions to contribute to the plan.

The Structure Plan will outline how future urban areas surrounding the Warkworth township will develop.

Council held two public consultation days at the Warkworth Town Hall this month, to show how the plan will be put together and gather feedback.

Auckland Council principal planner Ryan Bradley says it’s important to understand the process is very specific and in its earliest stage.

“A lot of people think this is the time to talk about Hill Street or the motorway, but that is a separate issue,” he says.

“Right now, we are putting the maps in front of people to show what our research team has identified as important services or sites, and we would like to refine those with public feedback at this stage.”

Mr Bradley says heritage sites are an important example.

“Local people know what has historical value better than anyone. We would like them to point out anything we should preserve during development.”

He says the other key to this stage of the process is identifying what people value as Warkworth grows.

“This could be the ability to walk your child to school, in which case we would ensure good footpath accessibility is built in to any development.

“We will make decisions mainly based on common themes, but if we see a good idea, we will consider it. It’s important to put forward any thoughts in a submission.”

Mr Bradley says people will have the opportunity, once this background information is complete, to draw on maps where they would like public amenities to be located, during the workshop phase in June.

Council will also be running an interactive session with Mahurangi College and Warkworth Primary School students to engage them in the Structure Plan.

Info or to submit: visit aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/have-your-say/topics-you-can-have-your-say-on/warkworth-structure-plan/Pages/consultation-documents.aspx


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