Crashes end in retirement village fence

A car ploughed into the fence at Hibiscus Coast Village, taking the light pole with it.

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When a truck and trailer rolled, it took out the fence and ended up in Hibiscus Coast Village.

Two recent traffic accidents on Red Beach Road have residents concerned about vehicles speeding along that road at night.

The scene of both accidents was at the Whangaparaoa Rd end of Red Beach Rd. On both occasions, vehicles crashed into the Hibiscus Coast Village fence.

The accidents occurred last month, just 12 days apart – both happened in the early hours of the morning.

Hibiscus Coast Village resident Dave Mullan and his wife Bev were asleep when the first crash happened at around 2.30am on March 15. He says they heard a very loud bang. “Bev was screaming, because she got such a fright,” he says. “I thought immediately of a lightening strike.”

A car demolished a good part of the village fence, finishing up on the berm around 10m from the Mullan’s home. One of the four occupants was taken to hospital with moderate injuries.

“On its way, the car broke a light pole and two substantial brick fence posts, so it must have been speeding like crazy,” Dave says.

Eyewitnesses say that the car was badly damaged, with the front stoved in.

The second crash occurred on March 27 when a truck and trailer rolled and slid off the road just before 4.30am, again taking out a section of the fence.

The police are investigating both incidents. A police spokesperson says Red Beach Road is no more susceptible to crashes than any other road in the area and reminds people to always drive to the conditions. “Drivers should always observe the speed limit, don’t use cell phones when driving and don’t drive when tired,” the spokesperson says.

Dave says village residents who live on the Red Beach Road side are conscious that a lot of people drive fast, particularly speeding around the corner from Whangaparaoa Road into Red Beach Road at night. During the day, traffic is slower and there is a school zone in place.

Families living in the vicinity of Red Beach Road also say they frequently hear cars racing up and down the road at night and lie awake, waiting to hear a crash.

They expect the problem to become worse, along with traffic volumes, as residents begin to move into the 500 home subdivision at the former golf club, which exits onto Red Beach Road as well as Hibiscus Coast Highway.

Metlifecare owns Hibiscus Coast Village. Its spokesperson, Julie Garlick, says repairs to the fence are currently being quoted on and undertaken. She says no residents or staff were injured and there is sufficient distance for safety between the fence and the property.


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