Boulevard extension could cost over a million

The option of progressing the next stage of the Orewa Boulevard project, at an estimated cost of $1.3 million, will go before the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board this week for consideration, along with a proposed slow zone for Silverdale (at around $120,000).

The former Rodney District Council initiated the Orewa Boulevard project in 2008. It was to be done in three stages, ultimately creating a pedestrian friendly, slow traffic zone between the bridges at the northern and southern entrances to Orewa on Hibiscus Coast Highway. The idea was to better link the highway with the beach by means of paving, planting and a traffic slow zone. Stage 1, from Moana Ave to Riverside Rd, cost around $1.5m and opened in February 2010.

At a recent workshop, Auckland Transport provided the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board with cost estimates for Stage 2 (from Riverside Rd to Empire Rd) as well as for the implementation of a slow zone in Silverdale town centre.

The projects were among the priorities put forward by the local board, to be funded from its transport capital fund. Other projects considered for the funding are in the local board’s East Coast Bays subdivision.

The local board has $2.3m in total to spend, $1.6m of which must be spent before June 30, 2019 (and the rest before June 30, 2020). It will have to prioritise which projects it can fund ahead of others.

The projected cost of $1.3 million would give the Orewa Boulevard project the lion’s share of that funding and it is possible that as a result, there may be insufficient funding for some of the other projects – although these decisions are still to be made by the local board.

The options and cost estimates will be discussed at the local board’s business meeting in Orewa on Wednesday, April 18.


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