Charity hoping to provide affordable pet desexing

A charitable trust focused on pet care has benefited from the generosity of a local family, who provided it with a base in Silverdale.

The Coast Pet Care Charitable Trust brings together the work of two other Trusts – Cats ‘n’ Care and North Auckland Animal Rescue.

Recently the organisation set itself up in East Coast Road, Silverdale, opening a charity shop to raise funds for pet care. It hopes to be able to open a centre offering low cost desexing and microchipping services next year.

A local family of philanthropists, who wish to remain anonymous, is funding rental of the building.

Trustees Helen Stancliffe and Janene Stokes say that their work over many years in this field made it clear that desexing is critical to reducing the overpopulation of pets.

They say cost is a key reason that people don’t have their pets spayed or neutered.

“Our previous organisations were ambulances at the bottom of the cliff, dealing with rescued, stray and abandoned animals,” Helen says. “Now we have a chance to set up a community desexing and microchip clinic that can provide its services at cost for low income people. That fills a gap at the top of the cliff.”

The Trust has space for the community vet clinic, but a lot of work lies ahead to get it up and running. To properly fit it out, several pieces of very expensive equipment are needed, as well as vets to volunteer their time and expertise.

Helen says several vets and vet nurses have already expressed an interest in the clinic. Sponsorship from businesses is currently being sought.

Helen says it’s important to note that the clinic is not competing with local vets, as they will focus solely on desexing and microchipping.

“This will be a community asset,” Helen says. “It could enable the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney to be one of the first areas in New Zealand to substantially reduce our populations of stray animals.”

Info: phone Helen, 027 407 0659.


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