Wellbeing, not weight loss, the key to good health

When it comes to making New Year resolutions, the top three are – lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more.

But how do we judge if we are making progress?

New research shows that a person is more likely to stay true to their exercise and healthy eating goals if they aim simply to ‘enjoy the process’.

Club Physical chief executive Paul Richards, who holds a Certificate in Exercise Science, says monitoring weight loss by what the dial on the scales says can have a disastrous effect on motivation if there is a negative result, and this can lead to people abandoning their goals.

Paul says using other indicators is a much better way to monitor your health journey. These include:
Happier mood and a more positive attitude – regular exercise boosts endorphins blessing you with what was originally called a runner’s high. • Higher energy levels – tasks such as walking up a hill, playing with the kids or carrying groceries are easier. • More flexibility and strength – getting up out of a chair is easier because your knees no longer hurt. • Improved endurance – you get more done in a day and no longer feel tired by mid-afternoon. • More mental resilience – you cope better with day-to-day issues. • Less sugar cravings • Improved digestion • Your doctor reviews whether or not you need to continue medication. • Your clothes feel looser and people comment that you look younger • Improved sleep

“So, turn your focus away from the scales this year and aim for general wellness,” Paul says.

“Learning how to enjoy regular exercise and better eating habits will produce better long-term outcomes.”

He adds that if you haven’t yet set out on your 2019 journey to better health and wellbeing, it is never too late to start.

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