Introducing: Foo Du – Dim Sum + Dumpling House

Max Yuan

Dumpling enthusiasts are in for a treat following the opening of Foo Du – the Dim Sum+Dumpling House in Silverdale.

Offering a dine-in or takeaway service, the shop is owned by Max Yuan, who moved from Beijing to New Zealand with his young family eight years ago.

“When I realised that the dumplings sold here were not the traditionally delicious morsels of my childhood, I decided to start making my own using my grandfather’s tasty recipes with their authentic Chinese flavour,” he says.

While the precise ingredients are a family secret, Max says Foo Du dumplings are made fresh daily with local meats and produce, along with traditional Chinese ingredients.

“The Foo Du recipes started in a tiny local restaurant in the Shandong province of Northern China.
“The best recipes are perfected over generations and that is the story at Foo Du. My grandfather created and handcrafted his dumplings, which were loved by his neighbours and then their neighbours, and then, suddenly, his dumplings were attracting people from all around the province.”

For several years, Max has been making the Foo Du dumplings from a kitchen in Glenfield and supplying them to Asian supermarkets and selected Auckland and Hamilton restaurants. He moved his factory to Silverdale this year.

“The new shop will give people a chance to taste delicious freshly-made dumplings, as well as dim sum, shumai and other authentic Chinese food.”


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