Italian maestro in Mahurangi


Celebrated Italian cinematic musician and ukulele player Lorenzo Vignando, aka Ukulollo, will be giving a workshop and performance at Warkworth Town Hall on July 14.

Ukulollo says since his music has an important visual component he decided to use cinematic techniques.

“We play live and use double projections – both on the movie screen behind us and the round screen among us.” he says.

Concert-goers can also attend Ukulollo’s workshop, Tricks, Licks & Beats.

“I will confess everything I use in my technique, including how to arrange a song with ukes and some fancy rhythmic patterns,” he says.

Ukulollo will teach versions of Imagine by John Lennon and other songs to understand every aspect of the process.

“When I was young, we didn’t have internet, so if you wanted to cover a song you had try to find a way to impress it in your memory from just a single listening. After years of struggling with this technique,

I’m now able to cover almost any song after listening to it just once,”he says.

Ukulollo will endeavour to pass on this skill at the workshop.

The workshop will take place at 1.30pm and the concert at 3.30pm. Lorenzo’s visit is hosted by Dianne Morgan and the Jade River Ukes.



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