Nine-year-old speaks out

Dylan was happy with the positive response he got to his speech at Wentworth Primary School.

The need for immediate action against global warming is a message Dylan Beyer, nine, of Red Beach, is committed to sharing.

Dylan took part in both national School Strikes for Climate earlier this year, where thousands of students ditched school to demand government action against climate change.

He was then invited by Wentworth’s Head of Primary Chris Donovan to present a speech about his strike experience and the importance of caring for the environment at Wentworth Primary’s assembly on Friday May 24.

“I had a student from a younger year come up to me after my speech and ask, ‘where do I sign up [for the climate strikes]’,” Dylan says.

“The younger year groups were my target audience so I’m glad my message got through. The year sixes are too far gone.”

Dylan and his family actively try to reduce their carbon emissions by buying second-hand, being vegan, only driving electric and hybrid cars, and avoiding plastics where they can.

“It is practically impossible to avoid buying plastic at the shop,” Dylan says. “Even when you buy an electric car to help the environment, they are still covered in plastic.”

Dylan, who is a self-proclaimed research fanatic, has been looking into alternatives.

“Biodegradable plastic made from corn is the best option that I have found. Maybe it will be corn that saves the planet. While re-using normal plastic is good, it only takes one lazy person to break the circular economy by throwing it in the rubbish, so it’s not a sustainable option.”

Dylan has also spent a lot of time researching the outcome if we don’t live greener, which he shared in his speech.

“We have 12 years to stop global warming, otherwise it will be too late,” he says. “Every place will be like the Sahara Desert and we will have the sixth mass extinction on our hands.”

Despite the future looking grim, Dylan still has hope that global warming can be stopped in time, even if the older generations take a bit more convincing. 

He says he will continue to attend School Strikes for Climate when they happen.

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