Fight Club bringing more punch to Coast

Alexander Holloway (front) with Centrestage Youth Theatre during Peter Pan Jr rehearsals.

A Fight Club for teens and adults is coming to the Coast next term – but it may hurt less than you think.

The classes will be run by New Zealand Stage Combat School founder Alexander Holloway, who has been training, teaching and performing stage combat for more than 10 years.

“These Fight Club classes will focus on swords and shields, unarmed combat and heaps of other stuff,” Alexander says.

The combat school teaches and choreographs stage combat across New Zealand, and has been working with Ōrewa’s Centrestage Theatre since their 2015 performance of Bugsy Malone.

Currently, Alexander is choreographing the fight scenes for Centrestage Youth Theatre’s upcoming Peter Pan Jr show, which will include a mid-air fight scene using a flying machine.

Alexander is also the head of stage combat and special effects for the Pop-Up Globe.

“We are showing and working on four shows at the moment, two of which I am also associate directing,” he says.

The Pop-Up Globe’s performance of Hamlet, which will be showing next month, will include the longest fight scene Alexander as ever choreographed. 

“That fight between Hamlet and Laertes is 175 moves long,” Alexander says.

“As well as being heaps of fun, stage combat is a really great way to get fit and grow your confidence.”

Fight Club starts on Monday, July 22 at Centrestage Theatre. Info and to register:


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