Discipline pays off for Matakana dedicated martial arts

Shane Rynne’s karate class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a children’s session at 5.30pm and teen and adult session at 6.30pm.

Matakana martial arts students of sensei Shane Rynne did 10 extra training sessions, in addition to usual classes, ahead of the Fabian Niwa Kenpo 5.0 memorial tournament in New Plymouth on August 3 – and it paid off.

Eight Matakana students ended up on the podium in their respective divisions, with Toby Ewing being named the grand champion in the teenage division, after achieving the top score for self-defence.

More than 200 students of all ages competed in the tournament, including special guests from Melbourne, Australia and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Kenpo 5.0 school in Matakana has entered contestants in the competition for the last three years, but the group of eight was the largest it has sent yet.

Four of the students had never competed in a martial arts competition before.

Kenpo 5.0 is an American-style Kenpo Karate taught in 19 countries around the world.

Benson Emett – 1st sparring
Joe Haggitt – 1st self-defence
Alex Macfarlane – 2nd self-defence
Liam Macfarlane – 1st forms, 1st self-defence, 1st sparring
Paige Ewing – 2nd forms, 1st self-defence
Toby Ewing – 2nd forms, 1st self-defence, teens grand champ self-defence, overall self-defence grand champ.
Luis Nahmed-Rohen – 2nd forms, 1st self-defence, 2nd sparring.

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