Scouts venture to West Virginia

Olivia Hay and Talia Bentley.

Two Warkworth Scouts travelled to the wilds of West Virginia, in the United States, to join 40,000 other campers from around the world for 12 days of action, activities and adventure. Olivia Hay and Talia Bentley were among the 40 Kiwi youth attending the 24th World Scout Jamboree, which is held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve every four years.

For Talia one of the highlights was a hiking trip up Mount Jack, where she saw a bear. She also competed in a competition that involved throwing pillows with pitch forks. Both girls said it was amazing to meet people their age from all over the world.

Olivia spent her first day of camp with a group of girls from Ecuador. Since none of them spoke English, she adapted and learned some of their games in Spanish. Talia traded her scarf with a girl from Ireland.

After that word got out about the distinctive black and gold design and the Kiwi scarves became highly sought-after.

“At the opening ceremony, I stood in a massive field and all around me there was a sea of scouts with different coloured uniforms waving flags and it hit me how many people were there and all the different countries,” Olivia says “Bear Grylls dropped in, and there was an amazing drone light display, which was truly beautiful in the night sky.”

A Venturer Scouts group, catering for students in Years 11-13, was recently established in Warkworth. It meets on a Friday evening at Shoesmith Hall. See

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