Firm feedback on freedom camping

The community’s views on freedom camping were firmly stated to Auckland Council’s governing body again by the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board at its September 18 meeting.

In August, the Governing Body voted to start the process of creating a Freedom Camping In Vehicles bylaw all over again, after spending two years working on it in a process mired in controversy and ending with a legal challenge.

That investigation has begun again, with Council approaching local boards for feedback.

At the September 18 meeting, the local board reconfirmed that it wants freedom camping prohibited in all areas classified as reserve under the Local Government Act or Reserves Act. It also wants the Gulf Harbour Marina carpark, at the Hammerhead, and the Waiwera Road Reserve on the corner of Hibiscus Coast Highway and Waiwera Road to be categorised as ‘restricted for freedom camping’. Restricted means limited to a short period, such as two days only, in self-contained vehicles only.

The local board also stressed that it wants adequate funding for enforcement to be provided by Council until the new bylaw is enacted – expected to be by the summer of 2020/21.

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