Hospice land not a public access point

Maureen Bayes-Mortimer says the fence has cut off Fletcher’s Red Beach subdivision from several established homes on the Tawhana Crescent side.

A fence erected by Harbour Hospice recently has disappointed nearby residents who say it has caused separation between an established part of Red Beach and the Fletchers subdivision on the former golf club land.

Maureen Bayes-Mortimer says she was shocked to see the fence, which is around 2m high, go up in September on a strip of Harbour Hospice owned land at the foot of her section.

Until then, she had been able to walk her dog from her property on Tawhana Crescent directly down into the new Fletchers subdivision, as well as to the shops.

Harbour Hospice chief executive, Jan Nichols, says she understands that the public has previously used the pathway around the edge of Hibiscus House’s property as an accessway to the new development, but this is no longer possible.

“The grounds at Hibiscus House have recently undergone a series of developments to improve patient access to hospice facilities, security and most importantly safety,” she says. “All construction and development has been completed on private land owned by hospice to meet growing needs for care and to provide security to the site as the development in the Red Beach subdivision increases. The safety and security of our patients, family, staff and the public is our top priority.”

She says the new vehicle gate at the bottom of Hibiscus House’s property was also added as a safety and security measure.

“Hospice patients, families and staff use this exit regularly, so it’s important that we keep this driveway free from pedestrians and drivers who had started to use it as a short cut to Whangaparaoa Road.”

Maureen says she is very supportive of hospice and fully understands that the patients’ needs come first although she is disappointed that this point of access has gone.

“I thought the idea was to integrate the two neighbourhoods as much as possible,” Maureen says.

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