Go slow confirmed for Orewa roads

Roads in Orewa’s town centre are the main ones on the Coast affected by Auckland Transport’s Speed Limits Bylaw, which it signed off on last month.

Consultation took place in March (HM March 1) and all the Orewa speed reductions that were in its proposal have been approved (see below) – the only change is instead of slowing the whole of Florence Ave to 30kph, as originally proposed, the slower speed limit will only apply on the section from the highway to Centreway Road.

Speed on the section of the Gulf Harbour end of Whangaparaoa Road, from 135m north of Roberts Road to 80m northeast of Gulf Harbour Drive will drop from 70kph to 60kph.

Overall, the changes in the bylaw affect 10 percent of Auckland’s roads. They were made as part of Auckland Transport’s (AT) efforts to reduce the number of people killed and injured in crashes.

AT chair Dr Lester Levy says evidence from AT’s trials, as well as overseas experience, show that drivers who make mistakes at lower speeds have better outcomes.

He says the changes are also a recognition that as Auckland has grown and changed, a blanket two-speed limit approach – 50kph for urban areas and 100kph for rural roads – no longer suits high-density areas with multiple users.

With new road signs and traffic calming measures to be installed, the Safe Speeds Bylaw will be introduced in a phased approach, with more information on the timing to be provided as plans are finalised.

In addition, AT has planned a $700 million road safety programme through to 2028 to deliver major, minor and mass-action safety engineering projects at high-risk locations across the network. Funding will come from Government and Auckland Council, and includes $216 million from the Regional Fuel Tax.

Speed  reductions, Orewa, from 50kph to 30kph: Florence Ave, between Centreway Road and Hibiscus Coast Highway • Alice Avenue, between Florence Ave and 15m north of Florence Ave • Bakehouse Lane and Cammish Lane, full length • Empire Rd, between Hibiscus Coast Highway and 40m west of the highway • Hibiscus Coast Highway, between 35m north of Marine View and 40m south of Empire Rd • Hillary Square, Keith Morris Lane and George Lowe Place, full length • Marine View, Moana Ave, Moenui Ave, Tamariki Ave and Tenzing Lane, full length • Riverside Road, between highway and 60m west of highway.

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