Environment spurs shopping habit changes

More consumers are changing the way they shop to reduce environmental impacts, Consumer NZ’s latest survey has found. 

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin said six out of 10 Kiwis agreed environmental considerations were very important to them and looked for “greener” products. 

More consumers were also opting to get goods repaired rather than replaced.  “Forty-seven percent said they ‘always’ or ‘usually’ tried to get products repaired. That’s up from 43 per cent in our previous survey,” Ms Chetwin said. 

The survey found demand for organic produce had risen, too. One in five consumers were regularly buying organic when available. 

Ms Chetwin said the ban on single-use plastic bags had led to a sharp rise in the proportion of consumers regularly taking reusable bags shopping. 

“Two years ago, 44 per cent of consumers were taking reusable bags most of the time. That’s doubled to 88 per cent.”

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