Changing faces: Curves Orewa

Changing faces: Curves Orewa

Karen Legg
Curves Orewa’s new owner, Karen Legg, is right at home in the bright, welcoming and user-friendly gym.

Karen has worked in gyms ever since she first trained, in 1985 in Sydney. She says she finds exercise essential for her mental health – “that’s why I’ve stayed with it for so long,” she says. “That endorphin release makes you feel better, whatever kind of day you’re having.”

She has been a trainer and recreation centre manager, including working for more than 20 years with the YMCA.
Managing large recreation centres tended to involve more time behind a desk than working with customers, and Karen says helping people was the big appeal of buying a Curves franchise.

The Curves Smart programme enables members to do their circuit training by simply swiping their key tag into the computer and logging into each machine. The computer tracks your workouts and lets you know how you’re progressing towards your goals.

While this automated system means there’s no need to change weight stacks or put any figures into a machine, Karen says the personal touch is still an essential part of the 30-minute workouts.

The introduction to the gym includes a fitness assessment, including BMI and body fat readings and a health history. Goals are discussed – whether that’s weight loss, toning, strength or aerobic fitness.

The 30 minute workout programme is designed to fit into women’s busy lives while working every major muscle group and providing strength training, cardio and stretching.

Karen, or one of her staff, is always on hand to supervise. “We believe it’s important that you don’t workout on your own,” Karen says. “If someone has an injury or needs extra advice or stretches we can adjust the programme for them.”

Instructors also demonstrate exercises focused on a particular muscle group or area in regular Body Basic Circuits, and if a goal is to lose weight there is an option that includes meal plans.

Curves Orewa has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that Karen says is partly because it’s women-only, but also in tune with Curves’ philosophy. “Curves still has the caring and the values of helping people achieve their goals, and we do care whether that happens or not,” she says. She even suggests that members ring in if they’re struggling with motivation to come for a workout. “We are here to help.”


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