Have your say on Dome Valley dump proposals

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, May 26.

The deadline for submissions on the Dome Valley landfill is 11.59pm next Tuesday, May 26. There are two separate applications – one for a resource consent to develop the landfill on just over 1000 hectares of land south of Wayby Valley, and one for a plan change, which would see the zoning of the farm and forestry land switch from rural production to a special landfill precinct.

Rodney Councillor Greg Sayers says it is vital that any submissions are made for both applications, as they are separate legal processes. However, he says there is no need to go into great detail at this stage.

“The important point for people is that they should lodge a submission within the time frame for the plan change request and the resource consent, otherwise they run the risk of not having their submission heard,” he says.

Cr Sayers says submissions simply have to state whether they support or oppose the proposals, and submitters can add topic headings for issues that they wish to address in further detail at the hearing later this year.

“The detail does not need to be included in the submission,” he says. “Submissions in opposition can just state they oppose and could add generic reasons, such as the proposals are contrary to sound resource management principles; contrary to the purpose and principles of the Resource Management Act 1991; they conflict with national policy statements on freshwater management; or they are contrary to the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and the Auckland Council Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.”

Cr Sayers adds that submitters should clearly indicate that they wish to speak, which means that a hearing has to be held, and they should indicate that they are willing to present cases with others who have made the same or similar submissions.

He also stresses that individual submissions carry far more weight than a petition, which may be viewed as a single submission, even if it has thousands of signatures.

A Council spokesperson confirmed that submissions did not need to be highly detailed, but could simply outline any concerns held, and further information and evidence could be provided at the hearing, which is likely to be in October or November. Council can accept late submissions up to the start of the hearing, though whether late submissions will be accepted is something the hearing panel will determine. However, Council staff have said they will support any late submissions made within “a reasonable timeframe” prior to the hearing.

Submission guidelines
Both applications are available to view and submit on via the Auckland Council website (see details right). Hard copies were available at local libraries and Council offices, but since the Covid-19 lockdown, these have been unavailable and Waste Management refused to extend the submission period until after lockdown ends. Council says that while these facilities are closed, requests for paper copies, or soft copies on a USB drive, by anyone unable to access the Council website will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Useful Links

Info: Email unitaryplan@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or call 09 365 3786.

For the Resource Consent application, go to aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/notifiedresourceconsent

The landfill resource consent application link is called 1232 State Highway 1, Wayby Valley

For the Private Plan Change application, go to aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/planchanges

The relevant plan change is headed PC42 (Private) Auckland Regional Landfill Wayby Valley

Answers to FAQs can be found online at aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/ResourceConsentDocuments/02BUN60339589FAQ.pdf

Anyone with any questions or concerns can contact the Council planning team on 09 365 3786 or email unitaryplan@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Information provided by Waste Management can be found at wastemanagement.co.nz/my-region/auckland/auckland-regional-landfill

Submission guidelines from the Fight the Tip organisation are online on its group Facebook page at facebook.com/groups/SavetheDome

All submissions must be received by Council by 11.59pm on Tuesday, May 26.

Go online for more background on the landfill – localmatters.co.nz.

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