Daffodils recycled in sculpture

This artwork, made using recycled Daffodil Day flowers, was created by a local student.

Last September, Orewa College student Alice Watkins asked for Hibiscus Matters’ help in her mission to save a big bunch of Daffodil Day flowers from landfill.

The flowers, which are handed out annually in return for donations to the NZ Cancer Society on Daffodil Day are synthetic and cannot be composted or recycled. Alice wanted to use them to create an artwork, then auction her piece and donate the proceeds to the Cancer Society.

Readers responded in their droves, and more than 70 of the daffodils were collected for Alice’s project. All of them were used in the 35cm tall paper mache work, with the leaves and pins saved for another project.

The work will be auctioned on Trade Me.

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