Wellsford stages Big Bash

Carolynne Andrew

A revived Wellsford Dramatic Club will present Big Variety Bash 2020 at the Wellsford Community Centre later this month.

Organiser Carolynne Andrew says it is a community event for the community.

“Because we have had such a mixed bag of a year, the idea is to bring the community together sharing their multiple talents.”

Carolynne says she is amazed at what talent is out there and the show will feature songs, dance, skits, various musical ensembles, choirs and more.

She adds the shows will feature plenty of children and young people.

“I’m very committed to the idea that for a theatre club to have a future, you need young people,” she says.

“It can’t just be a bunch of old folks wandering around in a superannuitant’s daze.”

Wellsford formerly had a thriving drama club, which has languished in recent years. The club found new life following a public meeting in July, when 29 people turned up to support efforts for a revival.

“I believe passionately that we need to bring back a cultural heart to our community,” Carolynne says.  

The shows kick off on Friday, November 20, at 7.30pm, continue on Saturday, November 21, at 7.30pm and Sunday, November 22, at 2.30pm.      

Tickets are available at Woodys Winners in Wellsford. Adults $15, family $30, students $5 and table of eight $100.

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