Airborne sculpture costs soar

A running child is still to be added to complete the sculpture.

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A request to Auckland Council for more details of the stated $170,000 cost of the Airborne sculpture recently erected on Moana Reserve in Orewa was revealing.

Not only were the costs of each part of the process detailed, but also the fact that the $170,000 had not had GST added.

This brought the actual cost to ratepayers to $195,500 (see below)

Most of the money was spent on creation and construction of the work itself ($83,950), $66,700 went on technical aspects such as engineering, making things safe and putting in the plumbing and wiring to create water misting and light effects. The remaining $44,850 went on Council processes including removing the old water feature and seating.

Running child to be added

The sculpture was unveiled before it was complete so that it would be accessible during the Asian Cultural Festival on November 21.

The running child that was in the original design (front page, HM November 18) is still to be added. It is included in the cost. Currently this addition is at the fabricators and expected to go on the sculpture early this month.

The mist effect will be activated when water restrictions ease in Auckland – and the water for it will recycle through the system.

Sculpture costs
Investigation and design, project management, consultation, refurbishment and relocation of existing seating and removal of the old sculpture .. $44,850
Airborne sculpture with built in LEDsand misting units with running child .. $83,950
Transport and assembly .. $8050
Services (plumbing, electrical) .. $13,800
Engineering .. $10,350
Site works and footings plus health and safety .. $28,750
Geo-tech, documentation plus miscellaneous expenses .. $5750
Total: .. $195,500

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