Vaccination begins for local health teams

Doctor Isabelle Duck, along with other members of the Silverdale Medical team, was among the first local health practitioners to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 injection.

In recent weeks, the first local health professionals have been given their Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine jabs.
Among the first was the Silverdale Medical team. Dr Isabelle Duck says she got her jab on March 13 in the city.

“The process was well organised and quick,” she says. “There was a temperature check and a consent form to sign. Afterwards we were monitored for 30 minutes. I have had no side effects and was able to continue my weekend as normal.”

Dr Duck says there are several reasons why she got the vaccine.

“This vaccine helps to protect me from the illness. Yes, there is a small chance I may still get this infection, but the data suggest that if I were to become infected, I would most likely get milder symptoms. In addition to this, having been vaccinated, I am less likely to spread the infection, and am therefore protecting others. There will be a small number of people who cannot be vaccinated, such as those with allergies to components of the vaccine. However, it is recommended that everyone who can get the vaccine, gets it. We need to do this in order to protect those who can’t,” she says.

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