Introducing: Paprika Indian Kitchen

Introducing: Paprika Indian Kitchen

Bob and Anu Konar, son Byron and one month old Arnia

A new restaurant on the Hibiscus Coast is promising both Indian and European cuisine, but with a twist.

The new owners, Bob Konar and his wife Anu, moved to New Zealand in 2002. While Anu is from Fiji, Bob emigrated after getting his degree in hotel management in India.

He was an executive chef with Mozaik Group and head chef at Bar Works Hospitality Ltd before taking the plunge and opening his own restaurant Ambrosia, in Albany.

“We discovered most of our customers at Ambrosia were from the Hibiscus Coast so when we decided to open a new restaurant, we looked north,” he says.

“We were looking at premises at night and when we saw Stanmore Cottage, we fell in love with it straightaway. The lights were on and we knew instantly that that was the perfect location for our next restaurant.”

“It is really important that we let locals know that we are in no way connected with the last business to operate from these premises, Masala,” Bob says.

“Paprika Indian Kitchen will bring an infusion of exciting flavours of Indian cuisine blended in a contemporary set up, mixed with the hospitable traditions, values and ideas of both India and Fiji. The restaurant will reflect our work ethic including excellent customer service.”

Bob meet his wife Anu in New Zealand and they have two children, aged seven and one month. They say their new restaurant will be family friendly and they are installing a playground, which will be gated.


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