Toilet damage causes public inconvenience

Toilet damage causes public inconvenience

Vandals have inflicted damage numerous times on the men’s toilets in Stanmore Bay Reserve in recent months, resulting in repair work that could cost ratepayers thousands of dollars.

Hibiscus & Bays Local Board chair Julia Parfitt says that the spate of vandalism has seen the urinal replaced three times in as many months. The hand drier has been kicked off the wall twice in a week, taking with it several wall tiles.

Mrs Parfitt says that repairing the toilets means dipping into limited local board funding reserves.

“From the local board’s perspective this mindless vandalism is costing valuable ratepayer funding,” Mrs Parfitt says.
“We have also had to lock the toilets at night, causing inconvenience to the wider public. We have to consider whether or not to keep replacing the hand driers as the wires exposed when they are ripped off create a health and safety issue. It is extremely frustrating.”

The local board has asked the Police to increase their presence in the Stanmore Bay Reserve area.
Anyone who sees any behaviour of concern should contact the police directly.

The Police have arrested someone in connection to the vandalism at Stanmore Bay toilets. The local board says this was as a result of Police stepping up surveillance, as requested. It is hoped that the toilets will reopen soon.


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