Bush appreciation walk in Wellsford

The spotlight was shone on a small pocket of mostly native bush in Wellsford last week.

Residents were invited to join a guided walk through Curry’s Bush, at the end of Wi Apo Place, off Matheson Road, arranged by Auckland Council.

Community park ranger Sinead Brimacombe said Council was organising the walks at local parks across Auckland to raise awareness and encourage residents to visit parks in their neighbourhoods.

One resident on the Wellsford walk said she had lived near Curry’s Bush for 25 years, but had never been in it.

About 20 people joined the 30-minute walk, which was led by Warkworth botanist Maureen Young, who pointed out mature stands of kahikatea, totara and puriri.

Curry’s Bush was named after early settler Phillip Curry, who arrived in Wellsford from Australia to work on the railway in the early 1900s. He married John Matheson’s widow, Isabella, and they had two daughters.

A similar walk was conducted through Kowhai Park in Warkworth earlier this year and Sinead says other walks will be held in the area later this year.