Champion back with ring return

Wellsford’s Champion Bakery staff member Parmjit Singh has made a habit of returning valuable items to their owners, after finding a platinum engagement ring this month.

Last year he discovered and successfully returned a bag containing $10,000 cash to a South Korean tourist and discovered the ring, containing six diamonds, on May 7.

“We often see coins dropped by customers on the floor, but this time I realised it was a ring on the ground and handed it to my boss to store safely,” Parmjit says.

Parmjit Singh.

The bakery is used to this exercise, finding about one lost item each week, and holds on to the item for a week before handing it over to the Wellsford Police Station if it’s not collected.

This time the owner of the ring, Orewa resident Kay Aspden, had left a description of the ring with the police station whose staff made the connection and informed her on May 16.

“I got back home after a trip from Kerikeri and realised the ring was missing so contacted the station as the bakery was the only place we had stopped,” Kay says.

“I was ecstatic when I received the call after a week of silence, I had presumed my ring of 56 years was gone forever.”

Her husband, Gordon Aspden, proposed to her with the ring in an Auckland carpark before getting on a boat as part of the merchant navy.

“We joked he could propose to me again, but he doesn’t think he would be able to get back up this time from one knee.

“I’m certainly never taking it off again!”