Electronics help Harold spread the word

The Life Education Trust mobile classroom now has a range of electronic options to help spread its message of good health to young children.

The mobile classroom belonging to the Life Education Trust, featuring images of its mascot Harold the giraffe, is a familiar sight at schools on the Hibiscus Coast, but inside, a lot has changed.

An electronic upgrade that cost just under $60,000 has brought the classroom into the digital age, with large screen videos, sound system and many other clever devices to keep the children’s attention as the educators do their work.

New chair John Davies says the support of funding bodies, including local businesses and the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board, are vital. The cost of the service this year is projected to be around $120,000.
Last year the charitable organisation brought its messages about how to lead healthier lives to 240,000 students around the country.

As well as subjects around nutrition and the body, the lessons tackle the many difficult challenges faced by children including alcohol, drugs, bullying and stress. Students learn skills such as interpretation and critical analysis, communication and problem solving, interacting and recognising different points of view, assertiveness and decision making, negotiation, conflict resolution and taking positive action.