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Global Running Day starts in Silverdale

Dame Valerie was soon swamped by enthusiastic students. Enthusiastic participation in the warmup. Dame Valerie tells the volunteer marshals to ditch the umbrellas. The shotputter’s high fiving hand was kept busy as runners headed to the finish line. The...... Read More

Zone proposal cuts Red Beach out of loop

Orewa College is just a short walk away, but will be beyond reach for Red Beach families like these if a proposed zone change goes ahead. Vocal opponents of the zone change include, from left, Janet Sweetman, Simon Henderson and Katie Smart with their...... Read More

New boots on peninsula beat

Whangaparaoa’s new community constable, Sam Webb, had a career in science in mind when he left school but says quite early on in his biology studies at Canterbury University, he had a change of heart. The 36-year-old says he has never regretted...... Read More

Tax puts commuters under the pump

The Auckland regional fuel tax will be introduced on July 1 after Auckland Councillors voted 13-7 in favour of the tax this month. Further increases will follow when the Government increases the national fuel excise by 3-4c a litre later this year,...... Read More

Coastal protection a priority

The Hibiscus & Bays Local Board has named coastal protection work on Orewa Beach as its most important advocacy initiative for 2018/19. The local board signed off its Local Board Agreement for 2018/19 at a meeting last week – the agreement forms...... Read More

Stream blockage still in place

A small stream that used to flow into Karepiro Bay is still blocked by a wall of infill put there by the developer, despite an agreement reached around nine months ago to reinstate it. Environmental groups say the stream is important to the Long Bay...... Read More

Introducing: The Travel Brokers

While most people think of a trip overseas as a holiday, experienced Hibiscus Coast based travel agent Patty Brown can honestly say that when she is travelling, she is doing research. “If I’ve experienced a destination, then I’m in...... Read More

Whangaparaoa Rotary: Service above self

If you have a perception of Rotary as a group of retired businessmen standing around at a boring meeting talking about their golf handicap and eating bad food, think again. Just like other long-standing service organisations, Rotary has had to modernise...... Read More

Whangaparaoa Community Hub – Getting connected

Working smarter, fostering cooperation and collaboration, and pooling resources for greater community benefit are at the heart of a pilot project launched in Whangaparaoa earlier this year. The Whangaparaoa Community Hub, at 707 Whangaparaoa Road,...... Read More

Hibiscus Coast Boating Club – Making a splash

The Hibiscus Coast Boating Club has been established for more than 40 years. According to society records, the club first convened in May 1977 and Coastguard records show that they had an alliance with the club in 1978 when a search and rescue facility...... Read More