More buses on the go on Coast

Changes will be made to the frequency of Hibiscus Coast bus services at the end of September, after the new contracts come into force. The new contract for local services went to Go Bus Transport (HM August 16, 2017).

The changes will see the number of buses running at peak times significantly increase.

After September 30, during the morning and evening peaks, buses between Gulf Harbour and the Silverdale park and ride (Hibiscus Coast Station) will run approximately every 6-10 minutes, and buses between Waiwera and Hibiscus Coast Station approximately every 10-15 minutes.

The Northern Express from Hibiscus Coast Station to the city centre will also double its frequency during peak times to every 5-8 minutes.

Auckland Transport’s network development manager Anthony Cross says the changes are also designed to connect with each other. “With buses coming this often, if you travel at peak times you won’t need a timetable – you can just turn up and go,” he says.

Passengers travelling to Wellesley St or the city centre universities instead of Lower Albert St will be able to transfer at Albany Station or any busway station to the new NX2 service, which launches on September 30 as part of North Shore’s New Network, and runs every five minutes at peak times.

No more free rides

Fare evaders now face fines up to $500 if they try to get a free ride out of Auckland Transport. Transport officers can now issue infringement notices to passengers who fail to tag on with their AT HOP card or buy a ticket on public transport.

Offenders face infringement fees of $150, or a fine of up to $500 if they go to court rather than pay the infringement fee.

Auckland Transport says fare evasion costs $2-$3 million a year, putting an extra burden on ratepayers and taxpayers who already subsidise around half the cost of fares and that the fines are about making it fair for everyone.

Changes to the Land Transport Act provided powers to transport officers on Auckland’s public transport network, and regulations that came into force on June 18 enabled the issuing of infringement notices.