Shopping in Warkworth: Love it or loathe it?

With Warkworth set to mushroom to accommodate more than 25,000 people within the next 20 years, major retailers such as PlaceMakers, PAK’n SAVE and Bunnings Warehouse are looking closely at establishing themselves in the town, if they are not committed already. Mahurangi Matters asked shoppers on Queen Street what the town already had to offer in terms of shopping and what they would like to see in the future … 

Jenny Georgetti, Warkworth
Warkworth is convenient and it’s got just about everything you need here. I’ve got to know a lot of shopkeepers, it’s so nice shopping where people know you. I’d rather spend money here than anywhere else because I like to support the local community. I don’t think late night shopping is necessary. Everything is close and most people can shop during their lunch break.

Sandy Diamond, Warkworth

Warkworth shopping is terrible. I went away to Australia for 14 years and when I came back to Warkworth, nothing had changed. I only shop at Noel Leeming, Harts Pharmacy and New World. There’s a need to have more shops and update shops for women’s clothing and kids. For these things I always go to Albany or Silverdale. Opening hours don’t worry me because I don’t shop in Warkworth.    

Jennifer Lambert, Warkworth 
Warkworth has got the basic needs, but more clothes shops would be nice. Maybe a Farmers or Pagani. I tend to go to Albany for clothes shopping, in particular. Noel Leeming is quite good for opening late – they had a few late nights over Christmas which was good. Other shops can close early, like bang on 5pm, which is not so good. Parking is a problem. On long weekends, it’s not even worth coming in to town because of the parking.

Andy Robinson, Stillwater

I sometimes shop here. Warkworth has got one of the better small town high streets. I prefer it to shopping in a mall. It’s got lots of nice cafes and you can always take a walk down to the river. Of course, there are fewer options than at Albany and Silverdale so there’s a smaller selection of goods and there’s no Warehouse, which is a bit of a go-to place for people. But it’s nice to have a real butcher and some unique stores with local designers, you’re not going to get that in a mall.

Barbara Larsen, Warkworth

I enjoy shopping in Warkworth – most of the shopkeepers know you by name and are helpful. If they don’t have what you are looking for, they will tell you where to go – in a nice way! I buy all my clothes, shoes and food here. I hardly every shop anywhere else, but the parking is terrible.

Linda Wentzel, Northern Ireland  

We’ve tried all the cafés and really like the Warkworth Bakehouse for their wholegrain bread. There are great child-friendly places to have breakfast. We buy all our groceries from Countdown and New World. They have extremely fresh and nice vegetables in New World. We’re from Northern Ireland so food is a big part of our life. There’s just enough here for everything you need, though there is not much open late at night.

Guy Scholefield, Warkworth 
I like to shop locally as much as I can. I’m in business locally myself and what goes around comes around. I usually find everything I need – though I don’t seem to need much these days. I think we should make Queen Street more pedestrian friendly and one way to do this would be to make it a one-way street. Mind you, I’ve been banging on about this idea for 40 years.

Lucy Twhigg, Warkworth

It has the basics, but I think it’s aimed at a demographic that is a little bit older. It would be nice to see more clothes boutique type places. In general, if shopping for clothes or Christmas presents I would go elsewhere, probably to Silverdale or Albany.
Personally, I don’t find parking a problem but it could be for some people in the middle of the day.

Harley Carnegie, Snells Beach

Anything that stops me having to go into the city is a good thing – so I love shopping in Warkworth. On the whole I like to shop locally to support local business. I feel parking is an issue like most people, but you find one eventually. I’m not really looking for big stores to come and relocate here. Warkworth has pretty much got everything.