World class clivia on display at Snells Beach

An internationally renowned clivia plant collector will have 100 of his favourite plants on display in his Snells Beach home next month.

The plants will be on show at 1 Schooner Avenue on September 29 from 9am to 5pm.

Collector Alick McLeman says the event should interest anyone keen on flowers or gardening.

Alick McLeman

“I will be showing off the miniata, one of six species of clivia, which should be at its peak in late September,” Alick says.

“The colours are quite unique compared to other plants and some of them are worth thousands of dollars because of their rarity.”

Alick has been collecting clivia since the early 1990s, when he lived in their native country, South Africa.

“They’re a plant that likes shade and don’t require much attention, which is probably what attracted me to them.”

In 2000, Alick moved to New Zealand, bringing 600 plants over on the plane with him, along with seedlings.

“I turned them into a business, selling seedlings around the world to places like Japan, Russia and the United States.”

In 2003, he formed the New Zealand Clivia Club, which still operates and has its annual show in Auckland on October 6.

When his business was at its peak, he had about 2000 plants and was known by clivia enthusiasts around the world as a top collector.

Some plants will also be for sale at the event, starting from $10.