Digital world – Agents making movies

Last month real estate agents descended into Auckland for the REINZ conference some travelling as far as Australia to come and discuss everything real estate.

One of the biggest things on everyone’s lips was how the agents can use social media to help get their message out. There was a lot of discussion about what platforms to use and what was interesting was that agents are not only using Facebook, but the next big platform which is YouTube.

Videos are becoming vital for businesses but real estate agents are really taking video to the next level. Some agents are making the videos on their own. One great example came from the United States where the agent was themed as Indiana Jones exploring the house and that one video received hundreds and thousands of hits. This not only showcases the agent but also gets the house sold every single time.

As consumers are spending more time online there is nothing better than getting their attention for 2 or 3 minutes in a video. Local real estate agents are taking up this trend and spicing up their videos with humour as well as making them look professional.

For agents who are scared of the unknown – don’t panic I’m going to give you a few ideas. The first thing you need to think about is what platform you need. Facebook is of course where a lot of the consumers are sitting. If you are going to showcase your houses via video then having YouTube is also needed.

Start thinking about who you are attracting as clients. Are you in an area that has a lot of young families, or professionals? Thinking about who you are talking to will help your voice to strike the right tone.

Think about your brand. Who are you and what do you want people to think when they think of you? Niche down if you can. Be the agent that sells only to families or pet friendly homes or become that property manager that goes the extra mile for the landlords and the tenants.

Remember you are not trying to sell online. You are trying to educate, motivate and inspire and build lasting relationships. Engaging with your audience is paramount.

Research those who are doing the same thing well overseas. Some of the real estate agents in Australia are pulling up their game and building themselves large networks across their regions. Already we have some agents in our region who are at the forefront in this area. Agents from Harcourts Tandem Realty, for example, are using Facebook incredibly well. One agent has written a book, and is showcasing it on Facebook, with outstanding results. Also another agent from Ray White has started to do a video series which is very popular online. These little things help you become easier to relate to.