Viewpoint – Big improvements

It is fantastic to see that the area is going ahead and improving in so many ways – the developments at the Warkworth Showgrounds, the new housing at Snells Beach, Matakana and Omaha, the Sandspit Marina development and the general attraction of people from all over New Zealand to this as an area to live work and play. I have had the pleasure of travelling recently and believe that although our roads may not be 100 per cent, they are very good compared to most! We don’t have a swimming pool but we have opportunity to swim in lots of places. Our quality of life and amenity, which is provided by local and central government, is comparatively speaking very high.

I hear the Northern Action Group’s call to remove much of Rodney from the Super City and I am beginning to see that there might be some advantages in doing so. But it is questionable as to whether the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages of going it alone. I cannot see Auckland Council wanting this to happen; it will be interesting to see where this ends up.

The Local Board has refurbished and is in the process of installing new playgrounds in Snells Beach, Warkworth showgrounds and Matakana. I have heard from many that these are becoming ‘destination’ playgrounds. Kids and parents tell me these are great additions to our area. Likewise, I hear that the new Wellsford Library is proving to be a fabulous asset for that community.

I understand that the sport and recreation collective at the Warkworth Showgrounds is also to be commended. The Board development on this site is very significant. The challenges created as this space is developed are being well managed and they seem to be heading in the right direction. The changes for the rugby club, which has been the dominant resident on this site for many years, appear to be working well with the other newer sport groups who are migrating to the newly-developed facilities. The showgrounds are transformed from what they were two or three years ago. Take a drive on a week day afternoon and be amazed by the sheer number of people who are out there enjoying this.

There are at times differences in opinion and perspective from members from different locations, even within a Local Board area, when it is as large as ours. We get a lot more done when we work collaboratively. There have been times recently when the split north-south or west-east has been the deciding factor for the decision or position taken by some members. This is neither appropriate nor constructive and at times is seriously deconstructive.