Book Reviews – Amazing Grace Adams

Amazing Grace Adams by Fran Littlewood

Grace Adams is desperate. She’s trying to pick up a cake to take to her daughter’s birthday party. She’s also desperate because the traffic is grid-locked and time is slipping away. She’s desperate because she’s estranged from her daughter who is now living with her father, Grace’s ex-husband. Grace is desperate because she appears to be losing control of her once successful life. And so Grace has to make some decisions and they are pretty wild but to be honest, who hasn’t felt like walking away from a baking hot car surrounded by fumes and stressed drivers? As Grace unravels, we get snippets of her back story and we come to understand how she has been driven to this desperate state. The story is set in London and we are given a wee glimpse of inner city living and also the trials of parenting in this modern social media-driven age. At times sad, at times hilarious, and mostly deeply relatable.