Fishing – Bigger than average

Steve Lavin’s big catch was a hit at the dinner table.

Tonya McKay shone at the Whangaroa Kingfish Tournament.

Wow, haven’t the bluefin tuna been going off! It has been a massive run this year and, by all accounts, the fish are bigger on average than last year. Not only bigger on average, but there are more of them. At this stage, the run is not over yet, and although the weather has not been great, those that have gone down to Waihau Bay have come home with some of the tastiest tuna. Although a trip was planned, I have not managed to get out there, but have been blessed by a few customers who have been so kind as to spare me a few tuna steaks. These have been fabulous eating by simply applying some coarse salt and pepper, rubbing the sides of the steak lightly with some olive oil, and then searing in a hot, non-stick pan. The middle third must not change colour before removing from the pan. Once removed, rest for a few minutes and enjoy. Pictured is a 74kg beauty landed by Steve Lavin – a morsel of which ended up on my plate, fresh from the ocean.

By all accounts, the bigger kingfish are still mooching around the shallower reefs and should start moving out to deeper areas as they start developing roe. This generally happens around July and August each year. The Whangaroa Game Fish Club’s annual Kingfish Tournament, which was held late June, saw some nice kingis landed on very light IGFA game fishing line. Pictured is Tonya McKay with a 15.25kg and a 12.9kg kingfish caught on 6kg line. After landing a number of kingfish, she weighed these fish in and had to have her line tested. Interestingly with all the stretching and pressure the line went through, it still tested at a hefty 5.7kg. Tonya cleaned up some nice prizes, namely most points for an overseas angler and runner-up lady angler.

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