Fishing – Great summer catches

What great weather we are having this summer. Even better has been the fishing over the summer holidays. Normally the fishing gets tough while holiday-makers are swarming over our local waters. But not this year. Many who did go fishing can attest to exceptional catches. Yes, there were some blow-out days, but generally the snapper have been on the bite both deep (around 50 metres) as well as right up in the shallows. For example, the Kaipara has produced exceptional snapper and will keep producing into the autumn months.

Kingfish have also been plentiful. These have been of good size and it seems that there are currently not many of rat size around as was the case two years ago. Stick baits, poppers, speed jigs and live baits have all produced good catches. I have a customer who regularly catches them on one of our smaller marlin trolling lures. Who would have thought that?

Meanwhile, game fish time has arrived. Quite a few reports have come in with marlin being landed in the last two weeks. Ocean Beach and the Moke’s, the nearest areas to Rodney, are where some have been landed. For those of you who have not had your game fishing gear checked and serviced, get it to your nearest tackle shop so they can get it sorted. Remember, you cannot keep using the line and leaders forever. If you lose a fish, nine times out of ten you can blame the line or leader for breaking. If you have wind on leaders, check the join at the braid to mono. This is where you will normally see a little bit of wear. Replace your wind-on leader immediately, as well as re-tying your double.

International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rated lines are what are used for trolling. The only reason this is the chosen type of mono-filament is because to claim a record fish you need to be sure the line you are using will break under the stated line strength class. IGFA line classes fall into the 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 24, 37 and 60kg strengths. These mono-filaments are expensive. The reason is that when manufacturing them, there are huge amounts of wasted product. Manufacturers must guarantee IGFA lines will break under the stated strength, which is notoriously difficult to achieve consistently. Manufactured line that breaks over the stated strength has to be thrown away. There are brands that aim to keep the breaking strain extremely close to the stated strength. These should be your chosen lines for targeting that world record.

Tight Lines!

Anthony Roberts, Tackle & Outdoors

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