Health – History repeating?

Just under 100 years ago people were naively putting their feet into x-ray boxes (in shoe stores) to see how well their new shoes would fit. It took nearly 50 years and a whole lot of foot cancers before they were banned. But don’t get me wrong; I am not anti-technology. If I think I have broken a bone, it’s off for an x-ray. It is a fantastic application when used appropriately. But now EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is all around us with multiple sources through our homes and work environments. In many cases we are not sticking our feet into boxes, but our whole bodies and often our head/brains all day and night. What have we learned from our past errors? Very little it would seem.

While the jury is still out about the full risks and dangers, this is only because some of the technology is too new to have been rigorously tested over an appropriate timeframe. Some organisations use the NZ Safety Standard (from 1999) as a reference for EMR safety. But this is outdated and irrelevant to the current concerns, especially for WiFi, cell phones and digital phones. Children are most at risk and we should be extra careful when their health is in question. It should be noted that many informed groups and societies around the world are removing WiFi and other EMR sources due to some of the health problems that have occurred.

What emits EMR? Digital portable phones, mobile phones/tablets and computers, smart meters, WiFi, cell phone towers, x-ray, MRI etc, navigation equipment such as on planes and solar rays. So what can you do to reduce exposure and risk?
• Unplug digital cordless base sets when not using them and keep an old-fashioned cord phone plugged in.
• Turn off (or use flight-mode) with computers and phones when not needing to be connected.
• Use cords as much as possible with all electronics e.g. cables instead of WiFi.
• Avoid carrying your mobile phone close to your body.
• Keep your cell phone away from your brain at all times. Use speaker phones or air-tubes.
• Avoid Bluetooth applications.
• Make sure your smart meter is away from any bedrooms and preferably opt for the old meters.

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