Homebuilders – Wondering about changing things?

When you have finished changing, you are finished.

Benjamin Franklin

It seems most people and most families have great times and go through periods when things are not how they want them to be. Common issues we can all struggle with include our relationships with others, how things are for our children, feelings of anxiety or depression and so forth. Sometimes it can be a combination of all these matters.

Often, we find we can get on and create the changes we need without a lot of worry or stress. At other times, making change can seem overwhelming and we can be at a loss for ideas about how to do things differently or even how to implement the changes we want to make. A good option if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed can be to seek outside support to help identify and name the changes you want for yourself and your family.

Supporting families in creating change is what Homebuilders Family Services is all about. Our Family Support service is a free way to access professional support so you can work towards the improvements you are wanting. It could be a couple wanting to improve their communication and connect at a more meaningful level. This may include relating with each other in a more equal and respectful way. Perhaps a parent is feeling stuck and wanting new tools and approaches to help manage their child’s behaviour or their own behaviour towards their child. It may be that concern for what is happening in their child’s life for example education or friendships. All these sorts of issues are what we are here to support families with.

Our approach is to always help people make the changes they want for themselves. We don’t believe our role is to tell people what to do, as that is neither helpful nor useful. We work alongside people to look at an array of evidence-based methods and approaches they can consider and choose from. Once this has occurred, it is then the role of the Family Support worker and the family to work together in finding a way to apply these new skills and approaches in ways that are realistic and appropriate for them.

Our Family Support service is available to anyone living between Waiwera and Te Hana who has children aged 18 years or younger. Young fathers, young mothers, grandparents raising grandchildren – big problems or small problems – we are here to help families create the changes they want and if we can’t help, we will probably be able to link you up with someone who can.

Don’t believe the cynics who say, “a leopard can’t change its spots”. The families we work alongside consistently tell us they have made really positive changes for themselves. If you would like to find out more about our Family Support service and the other programmes we offer, please phone us for a chat or, email us to make a time to catch up.

Phone: 0800 100037 or 425 7048; email: homebuildersfs@gmail.com