Mahurangi Matters, 2 June 2021 – You Say Online

We asked our Facebook followers if they agree with the decision to lower the speed limit to 80km/h on SH1 between Warkworth and Puhoi on June 14.

Stacey Lemmen I travel that road daily to work. Every day I get stuck behind someone doing 80-90. If the limit gets lowered these people will drop down to 60-70. I followed someone the other night doing 50 and hard braking on every corner. Cars are safer than ever. Time to fix the road back up to standard and create more compulsory driver training. If you are unable to drive within 10kms of the speed limit in good, dry, clear conditions, should you be driving at all?

Gemma Watson Excellent idea. Hopefully everyone will slow down. The number of accidents on that stretch of road is excessive. I’d be happy to see this monitored also.

Gracie May Not until the new motorway has been opened!

Jeremey Holman Those that are traveling at 80 now will slow down to 60 once the speed limit changes, frustrating other drivers, and there will be more stupid passing.

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