Mahurangi Matters, 19 February 2020 – Readers Letters

Reservoirs for Dome
With little thought for the environment or local people, Waste Management, owned by the Chinese, want to establish a landfill site in the Dome Valley area to the north of Warkworth. Local knowledge says that this will become a huge environmental disaster, as the area has some of the highest rainfall in the Auckland region and most of the runoff drains into the Kaipara Harbour. Local iwi also recognise these facts and have placed a rahui over the area in an attempt to stop this potential disaster. The terrain is most suited for the creation of a series of freshwater reservoirs; these would complement the Waitakere and Hunua systems in providing water security for the rapidly growing northern region of the Auckland Supercity. With a severe drought looming for the region, let’s please use some common sense in our planning system and long term future.
Darran Price, Warkworth

Poor parenting?
I would like to share the sad story of an adopted individual who made some paw choices and they have been badly let down by poor parenting. His name is ****, and I assume he is adopted because **** is covered in ginger fur and has four legs, while his caregiver has two legs and much less fur. I’d pick **** to be the smarter of the two, though. It would be very easy to blame **** for his behavior at Kawau Island where we encountered him twice. The first time we saw him was at Lady’s Bay which is a no-dog area. He was off-leash and in the care of two very young people who **** obviously had no respect for. All the while his caregiver was nowhere to be seen. The second encounter was near the boat club, where **** was trying to eat a wallaby in front of my kids. Now I understand that the wallaby population on the island generates mixed feelings, but I think even those most opposed to these midget kangaroos would agree that having them mauled to death in front of young children may be a less than ideal solution. And I am sure **** is a very good boy at heart, but given his predilection for chasing other animals and trying to eat them, having him at Lady’s Bay and off-leash, and solely in the care of two very young children, may have, at best, been optimistic parenting. Some with a much harsher view than this correspondent may judge it to be the height of stupidity. Should this laissez-faire approach to parenting continue where will this lead poor ****? A life of crime? A weka habit? Are weka a gateway drug to kiwi? I guess the message I took away from my encounters with **** was that next time you see some poor, troubled youth behaving badly, please don’t judge too harshly. Their behaviour may be due to poor parenting.
S Gonzales, Ahuroa