Digital world – Password problems

With so many new websites coming out daily it can be hard to keep track of your passwords. Social media accounts galore – how do we keep track?

I have struggled with this for so long, especially because I am in charge of clients’ accounts.

Security is incredibly important so in light of some cases where people did not change their passwords online and therefore got hacked, I thought I would offer some advice about what you can do to keep track.

There are programmes that can help you keep track of your passwords. They are incredibly safe and they can sync to all your devices, which is handy if you use your smart phone a lot. My favourite is Dashlane. It keeps all your passwords and makes incredibly strong passwords for you. It keeps them all in a locked vault and you can use it to log into accounts. It also reminds you to change your passwords on a regular basis and notifies you if you have made a password that is too weak.

There is also another password protector, called LastPass, which is also brilliant.

Keeping track of your passwords and changing them regularly is very important because it is so easy for hackers to get into your accounts.

If you are on social media, make sure you don’t click on links that may not be from a safe website. Take a cautious approach and if you are not sure whether the link is safe, ask the person who sent it. On Facebook there are a lot of ‘click bait’ links that are designed to send out links from you, or take over your page. This is one reason why you need to be very careful about what you are clicking on.

If someone you are already friends with adds you as a friend again, it could be a type of hacker who makes a profile exactly like yours and then adds your friends and proceeds to ask those friends for money. To stop this from happening, change your settings within Facebook and hide all your friends to “only friends”.

Change your passwords regularly and also never send your passwords online. Don’t email them to anyone and don’t share them on any social media within the messages.

Be safe out there.