Book Reviews – The Wall

The Wall
by John Lanchester

Kavanagh begins his life patrolling the Wall. If he’s lucky, if nothing goes wrong, he only has two years of this, 729 more nights. The best thing that can happen is that he survives and gets off the Wall and never has to spend another day of his life anywhere near it. John Lanchester’s thrilling, hypnotic new novel is set in Britain in the near future, where every British youth is conscripted to serve two years on the Wall as a ‘Defender’ looking for ‘Others’. Movement between countries is outlawed and the Wall covers the entire 10,000km coastline.  A grim, dystopian world that whilst disquieting and disturbing is also an entertaining and intriguing story. Kavanagh longs for this all to be over but secretly wishes for the excitement of fighting for his life. Be careful what you wish for.  All around the walls are going up rather than coming down, and the refugee crisis continues relentlessly. This is a fable for our times.

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