Viewpoint – Lower speeds supported

2022 is almost one-third gone already, and the world still feels foreign. This appears to be a time of change. But looking back through the ages, nearly every moment in time has probably felt like a period of change for those living it. Much and certainly the most drastic changes take place over relatively long periods. The oil crisis, for example, was hitting us back in the 70 and apparently, we should have run out completely by now. Electricity is supposedly going to save our ability to ‘own’ and maintain our transport options, but I am really relieved to see that the understanding about how energy is produced is the bigger issue. Does it really make a difference if grid-lock is people stopped on the motorway in petrol or electric cars?

Speed reductions are happening around our area now. It is irrefutable that slower speeds equal less serious outcomes from accidents. And one good measure is that fewer people die. It is also interesting that higher speeds, exponentially increase the damage done to roads. Slower vehicles equal roads being in better condition longer! So, while I understand some people’s reticence, and that for some in remote locations this might be a bitter pill, I support lower speed limits.

The Matakana link road needs to be opened as soon as it can be. Regardless of the status of the new motorway. Open the link road! Would diverting all traffic from Matakana and Mahurangi East currently turning right at Hill Street to the link road reduce the pressure and make the Hill Street intersection work better? How could it not! The build-up of local traffic at this intersection is horrendous. That there is quite regularly a 35-minute queue in the morning along Sandspit and Matakana Roads is abysmal. Hill Street intersection must be fixed and ‘thanks’ to the many groups who have lobbied to keep this moving over many years.

In the next few months, you will hopefully see or even be using some new footpaths being installed and funded by the Local Board, the parks and reserves are predominantly in good shape going into winter, our many varied community groups are supported, the life is slowly returning to ‘normal’ in our businesses and town centres. Auckland Council requires the input of elected people who have the interest of our community and understanding of structure of government and governance. It’s certainly not an easy thing.

We, the current Board, are already being told that the next three year term is going to be fraught. Budget constraints may mean a further lowering of services! One of the most effective and efficient things we can do, now, is speed up process and allow things to happen. Now is the time to enable and support activity, and Council must adapt and make this happen.

Viewpoint - Rodney Local Board