Mahurangi Matters, 16 August 2021 – You Say Online

We asked our Facebook followers what they think New Zealand should be called. Here are some responses:

Sylvia Adams I think Aotearoa/New Zealand is appropriate taking into consideration the two main ethnicities that New Zealand was built on and both are equally important.

Matthew Toon I like the idea of our country being named by courageous explorers who crossed a vast ocean a thousand or so years ago – much better than a bureaucrat in Holland who never stepped foot outside of Europe. So Aotearoa for me!

Tania Dickson New Zealand, hope this is not another waste of time and money, like the flag! Surely there are more important things to fix!

Helen Parkes Interesting, I like the two names. Aotearoa, respecting the place name of our indigenous people. New Zealand, for European discovery, which although that doesn’t have a connection to the land itself, it does to those that mapped it for global recognition. We could be called Kiwiland as well. That does refer to an indigenous bird that we all recognise and exists only here naturally.

Diana Kramer New Zealand. We are New Zealanders, many cultures in this land.

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