Club hits high with anniversary

The Omaha Beach Bowling Club celebrated its 25th anniversary last month.

The club has more than 50 members and is continuing to offer more playing times and formats of the game.

Club president Warwick Spicer says there were barely 20 members two years ago, but membership is now on the rise.

“More permanent residents in the area means more members, with an even balance of men and women,” Warwick says.

“We also had 10 new sets of bowls this season that are far better for beginners to learn with, so that was an attraction for the club.”

Friday night bowls was started over summer with around 20 to 30 players taking to the green each night.

“This proved a great success and got a lot of recently-retired couples competing.”

Shorter formats of the game involving fewer ends and special power play rules were also introduced.

“All sports are starting to adopt faster alternatives and we are doing the same with bowls, which seems more popular with people trying out the sport.”

Club championship results this summer season were as follows; men’s singles, Ian Hendry; women’s singles, Gay Roberts; men’s pairs, Maurice Hulme and Laurie Ohms; women’s pairs, Gay Roberts and Sam Hall; men’s triples, Brian Waterson, Terry Simpson and Tony Teare; women’s triples, Gay Roberts, Sam Hall and Fay Spicer; men’s fours, Ian Hendry, Brian Waterson, Tony Teare and Laurie Ohms; women’s fours, Gay Roberts, Val Hall, Joanne Ohms and Joy Finney; men’s junior singles, Rob Finney; women’s junior singles, Michelle Timmins; mixed pairs, Giles Boyd and Fay Spicer.