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Echoes of Brash in Seymour’s Ōrewa speech

15:52 Wed, 22 Mar

Act NZ leader David Seymour addresses an attentive crowd in Ōrewa. The fact that it’s election year may have got a bit lost with all...

Houlbrooke suffers as ACT gains more momentum

12:55 Mon, 13 Jul

ACT party candidate for the Kaipara Ki Mahurangi seat Beth Houlbrooke says she was a “victim of her own success”, after her party stripped her...

Beth stands in Kaipara ki Mahurangi

10:51 Tue, 2 Jun

The deputy chair of the Rodney Local Board, Beth Houlbrooke, has been selected as the ACT party candidate for Kaipara ki Mahurangi for the 2020...

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