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Time for winter motoring check

23:00 Tue, 19 Apr

Warkworth tyre specialist Brendan Woolley is reminding drivers that before heading out in wet conditions, it pays to check the condition of your vehicle and,...

Daily driver turns heads

10:00 Tue, 27 Apr

Tony Clarke needs more room in his garage. The V6 Camaro engine. The kit was designed by American engineer Dennis Brunton. It is equivalent  to...

Motoring mishaps part of vintage journey for Doug

08:00 Tue, 27 Apr

Doug Hamilton’s Cadillac was considered “too modern” for the 2017 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Sadly, ignition problems kept Doug Hamilton’s Cadillac out of...

Charged up VW Beetle outpaces original

10:00 Mon, 26 Apr

The Super Beetle has a spare wheel tucked underneath the floor of the bonnet. The speedometer is still in miles. The lithium ion batteries were...

Students learn auto skills by rebuilding racing car

10:27 Mon, 11 Jan

Students from Horizon School gather around the Honda Civic EK. Pictured at front, from left, Martin Dunn, Steve Pound and Helen Pearson. Students at Horizon...

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