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Flashy light bar craze illuminates problem legal grey area

11:03 Mon, 3 Aug

LED light bars can escape legal censure if they are classified as work lamps. LED light bars have become a common sight on four-wheel drive...

Ceramic car coating resists scratches at supermarket

11:01 Mon, 3 Aug

Ceramic coating locks in the shine of a freshly painted vehicle. Ceramic coating is the new craze in car care and has formed the basis...

Machine boosts accuracy of Warkworth wheel alignments

10:43 Mon, 3 Aug

The Hunter Hawkeye calibration machine uses four targets mounted on a vehicle’s wheels. Warkworth Beaurepaires has a new wheel alignment machine that creates a 3D...

Former Whangateau racer on track in California

08:34 Mon, 3 Aug

Farmer raced with Kiwi team Seamount Racing at the Sydney Speedway. Scotty Farmer attended school in Warkworth. Warkworth’s Scotty Farmer has made his way to...

First national titles for local race car stars

09:35 Mon, 16 Mar

Despite their name, the cars are only Corvettes in the sense that the bodies are moulded to the distinctive Chevrolet design. Tom Roberts gained his...

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