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Dairy Flat Surf Park plans surging forward

12:12 Fri, 17 Nov

The surf park site is in the middle of rural Dairy Flat. A surf park proposed by international developer Aventuur for Dairy Flat is moving...

Infrastructure plans impact 1000 landowners

12:55 Mon, 13 Nov

Landowners in parts of Dairy Flat, Stillwater, Silverdale and Wainui East are gearing up in opposition to plans that could see their land taken for...

Speed camera for Dairy Flat

10:09 Fri, 9 Jun

A new speed camera will be installed at 1680 Dairy Flat Highway soon as part of an Auckland-wide rollout. The speed limit in that area...

Surf’s up at Dairy Flat

15:33 Thu, 1 Jun

The construction of New Zealand’s first surf park at Dairy Flat is a step closer. The project has been referred to an expert consenting panel...

Making waves in Dairy Flat

09:28 Mon, 29 May

. . Ambitious plans by an international company called Aventuur could see a giant surf park built in Dairy Flat. The project was accepted for...

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