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Pollutant causes death of eels

20:07 Mon, 27 Nov

Auckland Council is highlighting the importance of early reporting, following the pollution of a waterway in D’Oyly Reserve, Stanmore Bay. Residents reported seeing the water...

Eel poisoning linked to land use

13:20 Mon, 14 Sep

Auckland Council investigators have found that tests into the death of dozens of eels at Te Arai Stream are inconclusive. On June 5, residents found...

Investigation into dying eels

10:04 Mon, 29 Jun

Auckland Council has taken samples from Te Arai Stream for a toxicity analysis following the death of dozens of native longfin eels. An investigation was...

Fishing prohibited in bid to protect native eels.

11:19 Tue, 24 Mar

Michelle Viljoen and Keelan Viljoen spot eels on the Matakana River jetty. Photo, Stephen Farrell. Richard Didsbury wants to protect New Zealand’s freshwater eels. Finding...

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